Bucovina-Banat (15) First European Computer GO Championship 27th July 1987

The event celebrated by the 15th edition of the Bucovina-Banat derby is the first European Computer Go Championship. The members of the two teams can register till Friday evening at 20:00 on the tournament’s page. The tables matching will be announced before 22:00 Friday night.

The European Go Fedration hold the 31st GO Congress and The European Championship from 25 July to 8 August in Grenoble, in conjunction with the Federation Francaise de Go.

From 27 to 31 July also took place the first European Computer Go Championship, open to all, with the concourse of the Ing Chang-Ki Wei-ch’i Educational Foundation from Taiwan:

Rules of the championship

Computer GO Bibliography

Romanian contacts and Go Clubs

Author: Cristian Bratu

Secretar al Clubului Sportiv de GO "Walter Schmidt" din Timisoara

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